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Infinity Portable Solar Charger - Rise Electronics

While we were in Canada, as it was such a beautiful sunny day, we thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to test out our Rise Traveler infinity portable solar charger.

We have always wanted to try out a solar charger and were delighted to collaborate with Rise! The charger opens out into 2 solar panels, and has 2 usb slots at the bottom so you can charge 2 devices at once. Ideal for camping or when you don't have a ready source of electricity! . The charger has a loop at the top so that you can hang it from your backpack and charge it up whilst hiking, ready for when you get back to your tent or for top ups on the go. So useful! It's our new favourite bit of kit.

The first initial charge takes quite a long time using solar power only, so we would recommend charging it up from the mains before you leave on your trip and then just topping it up with sunlight as you're out and about.

Get your own HERE.

Disclaimer - we were sent an infinity portable solar charger for free in return for an honest review. We were not paid to post and all opinions stated above are ours.

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