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We're David and Emma, a husband and wife travel team from the UK. 

We've travelled together since 2015, and our honeymoon in the summer of 2018 was a 5 week road trip around Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California and Hawaii.

With 6 out of 7 continents visited between us, our specialist subjects include London (we lived in this amazing city for 13 and 6 years respectively and can honestly say we've explored every corner) and planning road trips.

During the pandemic we converted a little van, Osprey, into our home away from home - so far he's been all over the UK and on road trips through Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Spain. Lots more to come!

This blog was created to share our love of travel and what we've learned along the way. Any questions, comments or something we can advise about?

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I always loved to travel and see what was around the next corner. A trip to the Antarctic solidified it and when I met Emma I finally had the travel buddy I had always wanted.


Whether it's exploring the UK's varied and incredible landscapes or travelling to weird and wonderful countries in search of new experiences- I love it all.


Top tips: Always keep your contact lenses in your hand luggage- and clowning will often open up language barriers or social differences.


I was lucky enough to grow up in a family who would rather spend money on travel than personal belongings, and this instilled a passion for seeing the world from an early age.

When David and I got married in 2018, instead of a traditional wedding registry of household items, we created a list describing many of the things we were planning on doing on our US road trip, from cocktails in Las Vegas to whale watching in Monterey, California, which our family and friends loved.

I really enjoy researching and planning trips, such as the 6 weeks I spent backpacking around Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo and Brunei, and 4 weeks exploring Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as drooling over other people's travel inspiration on Instagram.

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