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5 easy poses for Travel Couple photos

Taking fun photos with your other half for your Instagram doesn't need to be stressful or hard work. If you feel awkward setting your tripod up in front of other people, or just want some new ideas to mix up your content, here are 5 go-to easy poses to fall back on.

1. The Smooch

Capture a romantic moment with your travel partner in front of a beautiful view.

2. Let's Explore

This one is looks nice and candid, adds movement to the shot and makes the viewer feel as if they're going on a journey with you. If you're camera shy, walk away with your backs to the camera.

3. Standing Cuddle

This is a good one to do if you're asking someone else to take your photo as it requires minimal framing and it's very natural.

4. Having fun!

Whether it's a celebratory "ta da" or creating levels with a cute piggy back, being playful in your photo brings energy to your feed and keeps you from thinking about the people watching you pose.

5. The Selfie

No tripod necessary! The selfie is a classic. Mix up your photos of you in beautiful landscapes with a nice closeup of your smiling faces and let your followers get to know you!

What's your go-to pose?


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