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50 things on our USA bucketlist

Like many of you we're sure, we spent the last week glued to the US election process. I'm not sure I've ever refreshed twitter so many times as when we were watching the ballot numbers update! And like many people around the world, we are both thrilled and hugely relieved by the result.

Anyway, hearing the names of states and towns that we have visited in the past got us thinking about how much we miss visiting the USA. It's truly our favourite country in the world, and we even spent our honeymoon there on a 6 week road trip across 5 states. As soon as we can (covid/politics permitting), we will be back over there exploring again, but in the mean time, we've put together a USA bucket list, or wish list, of things we would most like to do once we can travel to the States.

  1. Spend Christmas in NYC - it's like the ultimate romantic movie! We want to view the city from the 'top of the Rock', visit Strawberry Fields in Central Park and see the Rockerfeller Christmas Tree.

  2. See Mt Rushmore.

  3. Visit Yellowstone National Park - we want to see Old Faithfull, bison and bears!

  4. Stay on a ranch - square dancing, horse rides, relaxing in nature... this one makes our hearts ache thinking about it!

  5. Road trip around Baja California

  6. Hike Grand TetonNational Park (GORGEOUS)

  7. Visit the Coors brewery in Colorado

  8. Watch a rodeo

  9. See autumn leaves in New England

  10. Learn about the witch trials in Salem

  11. Explore Acadia National Park and watch the sunrise

  12. Sing the Close Encounters theme at Devils Tower

  13. Drive through Kalamazoo (that name is just so fantastic, thank you election for bringing it to our attention!)

  14. Visit Graceland (BIG Elvis fans)

  15. See the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

  16. Visit Washington DC - we would love to see the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and visit all the museums!

  17. Eat Clam Chowder and Lobster in Maine

  18. Spend a wild weekend in New Orleans

  19. Drive Route 66 - we did little bits of it in Arizona and California, but would love to do the whole thing!

  20. Arches National Park - not just because Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed there... After visiting Zion National Park we can't get enough of Utah's rugged landscapes.

  21. Eat EVERYTHING at the Ben and Jerry's factory, Vermont

  22. Watch country music in Nashville

  23. See a Broadway show

  24. Explore historic Savannah, Georgia

  25. Eat a Philly cheesesteak sandwich

  26. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio

  27. Catch a boat to the Channel Islands National Park

  28. Photograph the Seven Magic Mountains, Nevada

  29. Drink Kentucky Bourbon in er... Kentucky

  30. Go star gazing at Mauna Kea and hopefully see some lava in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

  31. Explore Wind Cave National Park

  32. See the grasslands of Nebraska - how can you not go somewhere called Oglala??

  33. Visit Martin Luther King Jr's house in Montgomery, Alabama

  34. Look for 'gators on a swamp safari in Louisiana

  35. Play the slots in Atlantic City

  36. Visit Gettysburg battlefield

  37. Go to an American Football game

  38. Immerse ourselves in South West culture in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico

  39. Visit Mission Control, at the Johnson Space Centre, Houston

  40. Listen to jazz and eat pizza in Chicago

  41. Hike up to see the Hollywood Sign

  42. See the Northern Lights in Alaska

  43. Drive the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

  44. Take a boat trip on the Mississippi River

  45. Visit Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, Idaho

  46. Eat Texas BBQ

  47. See a tornado from a very safe distance where it's out in open land and not hurting anyone (we've had a weird fascination with tornadoes since childhood...)

  48. Learn about the history of Little Bighorn Battlefield

  49. See the wheel ruts of the Oregon Trail in Wyoming

  50. Cruise back to the UK from New York on a ship

Now before you get up in arms about what isn't on our list, ("what about Yosemite? The Golden Gate Bridge! The Grand Canyon! Vegas!") don't worry, we haven't missed them off the list. Those are all things we've already done! Next week we'll publish our favourite memories from the USA that we are lucky enough to have crossed off our bucket list.


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