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6 reasons why we love our kayak convertible Bluefin SUP board

This summer we were gifted a 15' Cruise Tandem SUP board by Bluefin SUP and we fell in love. We've really enjoyed hiring SUP boards on our travels and have always wanted one of our own, but Bluefin's 15' Cruise was the first tandem board we've ever seen, let alone one that could be used as a kayak! We were really excited about taking it down river together in kayak mode, plus sharing one big board meant we could fit it under the bed of our van and take it on adventures, as 2 separate SUP boards would take up too much space in our little Vivaro.

Wondering which SUP board to get? Here are our 6 reasons why you should choose a Bluefin.

SUP life on the River Adur, West Sussex

1. Size and stability

The Bluefin Cruise Tandem is massive! 15' long and 35" wide, as with surfboards, the longer the board, the steadier it is, and this board is incredibly stable once fully inflated. There's plenty of room for both of us to sit or stand comfortably, and you could fit a child or dog on board as well. It's really easy to use, even for nervous beginners and it's so steady that we often sit cross legged and and eat our packed lunch on it - I reckon you could easily fish or practice yoga on this board! The textured 'crocodile' footboard gives really good grip even when wet and the boards have 3 fins underneath which helps you to cruise smoothly (we remove the big middle fin in shallow water).

The size of the 15' Cruise board makes it incredibly stable.

Bluefin's SUP boards are very durable - they're UV resistant and made with military grade PVC and reinforced stitching, plus you don't need to worry about dinging or scratching them like you would with a solid/rigid board. Worst case scenario, Bluefin SUP boards come with a 5 year manufacturing warranty, and all the supporting kit (paddles, fins, leash, rucksack etc) have a 1 year manufacturing warranty. For more info about Bluefin SUP's warranty policies click here.

Heading down the River Cam in kayak mode

2. Kayak conversion

The main reason why we chose the tandem board: Bluefin's Cruise SUP boards come with kayak conversion kits - seats fitted with straps that clip to D rings on the board itself which support your lower back as you paddle - brilliant for longer journeys!

The fibreglass paddles are easily changeable from a SUP handle to a double bladed kayak paddle (both ends are supplied), and they float if you accidentally drop one in the water. Bluefin SUP also have a 10'8 and 12' solo Cruise board that come with a single seat for kayak conversion.

3. Travel friendly and portable - no roof rack required!

The Cruise Tandem packs down well. Rolled up in its bag we can fit it under the bed in our van, so we've taken it to the East and South coast of England, Spain and hopefully soon Scotland and Wales! Since it weighs less than 23kg, once it's in its bag the board can even be checked onto a plane as hold luggage... possibilities!

4. Built in storage

At the nose of the board, 2 secure bungees cross over in an X shape - we've used them to hold our shoes, lunch boxes, a bottle of drink and a dry bag. There is a fixed mount at the very front for your go pro/ action camera, or even a waterproof Bluetooth speaker!

Well stocked storage bungees!
Bluefin's double action pump means you're ready for action in no time!

5. Efficient pump action

If the idea of inflating your SUP board every time you want to hit the water puts you off, don't worry - Bluefin boards come with a double action pump, meaning air goes in on both the upwards and downwards pumping action. We find it takes about 10 minutes to pump up the board, although Bluefin do also sell an electric pump that runs off your car - I think we'll look into getting that next!

The Cruise Tandem also deflates quickly on its own - the air valve can be locked open which means you can enjoy an ice cream on the bank before packing it away, minimal lying on top of the board required!

6. You get so much kit included!

Bluefin SUP supply you with everything you need to hit the water immediately. As well as the board, our Cruise Tandem package included 2 convertible SUP/kayak paddles, a pump, 2 seats for kayak conversion, 3 fins, a coiled ankle leash, a backpack to carry it in plus a mini repair kit and a waterproof mobile phone case with a neck strap.

For more information, head to Bluefin SUP's website.

You can also follow them on Instagram , YouTube and Facebook for loads of inspiration!

Love shopping with companies who care about sustainability? For every product sold, Bluefin SUP will plant a tree in one of the world's most endangered habitats! You can read more here.


Disclosure: We were gifted our 15' Cruise Tandem SUP board by Bluefin SUP in return for Instagram content and this blog, but we were not paid and as always, all opinions are our own!

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