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A day at the Lavender Farm

Leave London and get yourself some purple therapy wandering through rows of dreamy lavender.

North of London, less than 10 minutes by taxi from Hitchin train station, is Hitchin Lavender Farm. Between July and August, the fragrant fields are thick with waving lavender and buzzing bees. And photographers of course!

You can see the sea of purple rising up the hill as soon as you park up, and it really is gorgeous. The richness of the colour stretches in a total of 25 miles of rows for you to freely roam. On a warm sunny day it feels like rural France!

We would recommend arriving in the morning to enjoy the space before it fills up in the afternoon - there were some very dedicated instagrammers who arrived later on with suitcases of clothes to change into, and we wanted to enjoy the open swathes of purple without crowds!

Entry is £6 for adults, £3 for children aged 5-14 (under 5s are free), and this includes a large brown paper bag each and a pair of scissors to borrow - you can spend as long as you like cutting as much lavender as you can fit in your bag, and take it home. Lovely!

Later in the summer, the farm also grows sunflowers, which you can also cut for 50p per stem.

The farm has a cafe, and shop selling all kinds of lavender goodies, including soaps, essential oils, skin care and gifts.

Top tips for taking photos at a Lavender Farm

  • Don't be afraid of the bees! They're quite happily doing their own thing, and if you just calmly brush past them as you walk then they won't bother you. If you have any allergies you should take necessary precautions.

  • Shoot facing up the field so that the rows of lavender stretch endlessly away ahead of you.

  • Don't worry if it isn't sunny, overcast skies actually help avoid overexposing the flowers and make the purple shade look more dramatic.

  • Most lavender fields are open from early June, but for the densest, most purple flowers, we would recommend visiting in mid July.

  • Visit early in the day to avoid the crowds.

  • Stick to the paths! Be respectful of this beautiful place and don't damage the plants by clambering over the rows.

  • Get low! Sit between the rows and get as many flowers in shot as possible. Alternatively have your photographer stand a few rows away from you, to make it look as if you're surrounded by a sea of purple.

  • Have fun with your macro setting capturing bees and other insects on the flowers.

And after the flowering season?

Keep an eye on the farm's website for heaps of special events throughout the year, including live music, outdoor cinema, craft workshops and pick your own pumpkins!

Important Info:

Photography at Hitchin Lavender Farm is for personal use only. Professional photographers must pay a fee of £50 to shoot here.

During summer months the farm is open every day from 10 - 5.

Frequent trains run from London Kings Cross to Hitchin.

The farm address is :

Cadwell Farm Ickleford Hitchin Herts SG5 3UA

Peak flowering is typically Mid July - Mid August, check the farm's Instagram for updates on how the fields are looking before you travel.

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