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Packing Cubes - Bagail

Guys, have you ever used packing cubes? We were sent some from the lovely Bagail and they are literally LIFE CHANGING. How did we ever travel without them??

If you're like me (Emma), a total packing nerd, you will absolutely love these. You can compartmentalise everything in your case so no need to tear everything apart searching for clean socks. They have extender zips and you can fit so much in each, and they keep everything tidy and crease free. It makes unpacking super easy too!

In the first picture you can see I've sorted everything into: swimwear, shorts & skirts, undies, tops, shoes and eveningwear. <------------------------------------------------------

In the next picture you can see how neatly they then stack in your case, leaving the lid free for any other travel essentials.


In pic three you can see how they're also the perfect size for all your beauty products!


Bagail offer a one year warranty on their products, and they come in lots of beautiful colours. We're so happy to have discovered this company and would love to recommend them to all of you! A packing revolution.

Check out their collection of cubes HERE.


Disclaimer - we were sent two sets of packing cubes for free in return for an honest review. We were not paid to post and all opinions stated above are ours.


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