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Saving money while travelling - travel bloggers tell you how!

One of the questions we are asked the most is how do we afford to travel so much? As well as saving as much as possible when we're home (we'd rather travel more than eat out frequently or wear expensive clothes), we also try to watch our budget on the trip itself.

We have teamed up with 3 other lovely travel bloggers to give our top tips for how to keep costs down while travelling...

Emma Thomas

One of the ways you're sure to eat through your travel money is by, well eating. Now obviously you can't not eat, and trying local food is one of our favourite things to do while travelling! But there are ways to watch what you're spending. Self catered accommodation means you can do a big supermarket shop and make breakfasts and lunches, and sometimes cook dinner as well. Rather than eating out all the time, treat yourself to a few dinners out and some back at your digs. Shopping in foreign supermarkets is really fun, and it will stretch your budget further so you can have some really nice meals out, or that retro diner breakfast. We especially like doing this while roadtripping.

If you are going out for food, avoid eating in the reeeally touristic areas like St Mark's Square in Venice... you'll pay a huge premium for that view! Go a few streets back and you'll find something far more authentic and local, and cheaper!

Similarly, look for where the locals are eating. Those plastic table street food markets in Asia? Perfect! And don't overlook convenience stores - Seven Elevens and similar corner shops in Japan sold AMAZING sushi for very few Yen.

You can also save pennies by taking food with you. Iceland is notoriously pricey, so we packed lots of sachets of soup and dehydrated couscous that we could make up with a thermos on the road. (Check our blog for more ways to save money in Iceland)

Elaine Best

My most crucial tip is to pre-plan your itinerary before getting there. It may sound a little Type A, but you can save the most money at your destination when you know what to expect. I usually scour the internet for tour packages around my destination as they usually include all the highlights.

I base my itinerary of those, picking what I like and glossing over what won't interest me. When I have the bare bones of the itinerary, I'll check into the small towns nearby as well to see if they have any out-of-the-way attractions/museums/sites that make them special. Fewer people to deal with (great for getting a cool IG photo!) and you can get a more authentic feel for the area.

Cindy Ladage

Check out information about the place you are travelling by googling historical locations, museums, parks, attractions and checking the local towns website. These sites often offer free or very low cost museums and places missed by Trip Advisor and such.

Also look for events so you can get the best bang for your buck with entertainment, food, art etc. that takes place during festivals and other events.

Paige Watts

My favourite way to save money while travelling is planning a trip to start mid-week. That means booking flights and hotels for Monday through Thursday. Since most people want to fly on the weekend, the price of a flight is typically cheaper in the middle of the week than it is on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

And it can be cheaper to check into a hotel at the beginning of the week or mid-week, too. Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be the cheapest days to fly. For hotels, Sundays and Tuesdays are usually the cheapest days to check in. Just changing up your vacation schedule a little can go a long way toward saving you money!


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