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Travel Jewellery Organiser - BlueSkye Travel Accessories

The perfect gift for a travel lover!

We have collaborated with the lovely BlueSkye Travel Accessories to try out their brand new travel jewellery organiser. Guys, it's GORGEOUS!!! We are seriously impressed.

It has 3 removable dividers, one which doubles as an earring organiser, and one which is a mirror.

Plenty of space to keep necklaces, rings, lashes, false nails. It can also store the small travel essentials like ear plugs or contact lenses which normally get lost in your rucksack. It even has a little label at the top so you know which way is up! Genius!

Here is the organiser closed. -->

We love the super soft leather effect and the secure buckle fastening.

Sturdy but compact enough to fit in a carry on bag.

No more tangled jewellery!!

The jewellery organiser is on sale HERE on Amazon:


Disclaimer - we were sent a jewellery organiser for free in return for an honest review. We were not paid to post and all opinions stated above are ours.


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