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Travel wristband - Ikgaopavontuur

When we first encountered Ikgaopavontuur travel bands on Instagram, we immediately thought how useful they would be for our upcoming trip to Japan where English is not readily spoken.

The lightweight silicone band features 16 commonly needed travel icons: WiFi, bus stop, taxi, train station, ATM, toilet, hotel, petrol station, hospital, police, ferry port, money exchange, drinking water, supermarket and airport.

Charades and smiling can only get you so far, and when you're truly not getting anywhere, you can just point at the icon you need directions for... Absolutely genius! We found it particularly useful in Tokyo for asking where the nearest subway station was.

The wristbands come in a range of colours (ours are pink and dark green) and 2 different sizes.

You can buy your own wristband on the Ikgaopavontur website HERE. We think they'd make a great present for travellers too!


Disclaimer - we were sent two wristbands for free in return for an honest review. We were not paid to post and all opinions stated above are ours.


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