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Van build update

Our amazing new kitchen unit!!

We have been proud van owners for nearly two months now, and with the UK being back in lockdown again it has given us a lot of time to work on the conversion.

That being said, we came across a new phrase the other day that was so relatable: "analysis paralysis". So often we find ourselves Googling, watching YouTube videos, browsing Amazon, and then just when we think we've made a decision, Boom - confidence wobble and the idea is shelved. We're total amateurs at this, with no building experience, and it's intimidating!

Recently we have:

  • Removed the back seats which is brilliant as it really opens up the space and gives us an idea of what we're working with.

  • Ordered our kitchen unit (we'll write a separate blog about it... it's amazing!!) and marked the position in the van with electrical tape.

  • Measured up for the bed and consulted our carpenter friend about working on it with us - we would love to have a slide out table and a big storage garage underneath.

  • Put up fairy lights. This is a really lovely addition to our van - it came with some fab LEDs in the ceiling, but the fairy lights give us a much softer light for when we're just chilling in the evening. Plus they're battery powered rather than running off the car battery. We installed the lights by tapping cable clips into the ply, fiddlier than expected!

  • Ordered some cool things for the van, like seat back organisers and a storage box to go under the kitchen unit.

Nifty seat back organiser, the empty runners where we took the passenger seats out (we'll fill the gaps and put a rug over them) and our fairy lights!

Next we plan to order some black out fabric and make curtains for the windows and to divide the cab from the living space. Exciting! Hopefully the bed will be done in the next couple of weeks, then we can paint it and do some more interior styling.

We'll keep you posted!


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